Higher Secondary Admission

The objectives of academic courses at this stage are:

  • To expose learners to higher levels of knowledge in different disciplines
  • To assist students to explore their interests and aptitudes in order to choose appropriate careers for shaping their future
  • To train, develop and improve study habits and offer counseling regarding routine self study.
  • To help students to prepare and use personal timetable for effective studies.
  • To conduct numerous practice tests for the final preparation of the JEE, NEET, GUJCET exams there by increasing the students’ confidence level.

The stage of maximum challenge

After ten years of general education, the higher secondary stage assumes great significance as students for the first time move toward diversification.

The higher secondary stage is crucial in many ways. It is the stage of maximum challenge. While the students in this age-group are passing through a critical phase of their lives – transition from adolescence to youth, they have to take important decisions concerning their future career by choosing suitable courses. The students at the higher secondary stage must be fully equipped with basic knowledge, skills, attitude.

A feeling of anxiety about the future also begins to haunt them. At this stage, guidance and counseling provided by us should go a long way in sorting out problems.

Higher secondary education is a bridge between school and college/university education. We, at Premier schools shall lay the foundation for higher learning. This stage is thus a judge to school system and forecast of the learning future of a college/university.